Saturday, June 11, 2011

{Endless Summer}

I am so excited to finally be posting these pictures. This particular photo shoot has been marinating in my brain for a couple years now, I was starting to think I might not get around to doing it, but the way it finally came together was serendipitous, Bryce and I were having coffee with two of our uber talented photog friends Kevin and Kellie to discuss working on a creative project together. I explained my vision to them, everyone chewed on it for a bit before we finally decided that the only time we were all going to be available to do it was pretty much... now. We gave ourselves 3 days.... 3 days to find a location, track down around 20 models and load the truck up with props. (Bryce's craigslist list addiction is paying off.... woohoo!) I actually don't think it could have gone any more perfectly, We had the perfect group of teens, found a killer location and all had so much muddy fun... I almost wished it would never end.
Thank you so much Bryce, Kellie and Kevin for for all your hard work, and a huge thanks to all the fabulous models we had on this project as well , you guys totally rocked it!!!! Muaaaaaah! Have an amazing summer;)

Photographers: Andi Watkins, Brye Hunt,
 Kevin Hulett, and Kellie Larsen.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

{Angel Eyes}

"I first caught sight of her on my way to the hotel office to check in. She walked past looking and smelling like a queen, and I caught myself wishing I'd worn a clean shirt. I've never liked redheads much, and it was the same with her, but the other way around. She looked the way an oxygen tank on the bottom of the ocean must look to a drowning sailor."

"Second time I saw her was just after my key hit the lock. I was half-dreaming about a safe evening with my shoes off, the radio on, a bucket of ice and some Ballantines. I heard a noise from the hotel pool and glanced over my shoulder. For a moment the picture was perfectly clear to me, a body floating on the surface, blood gently pooling from a head wound. I shook myself, had a double-take like some cartoon bunny and it was her again, her red hair drifting in the water like a halo..."

Thank you Angela for being your fabulous self, and to Tristan Smith for his amazing writing ability.
Photography Andi Watkins and Bryce Hunt

Monday, August 31, 2009

{Small Town USA}

Here are a series of pictures taken over a month ago by Bryce and myself... We were going out of town to pick up three separate items from "Craig's List". I never really thought much about the whole concept of "Craig's List" until this day, and I have to admit it sparked my curiosity... "who is this person selling their two year old swamp cooler?" and "who is this other person giving away their mean rooster?"... and why? they would have to live out in the middle of nowhere too... Well, We're gonna find out!
It was a nice day, we didn't take the interstate instead we drove down country roads with the windows down, smelled the smells of the small towns and marvelled at our picturesque surroundings we stopped and talked to folks along the way, some willing to give us gardening tips and even offer to cook us dinner while telling us their lives story. We met a mechanic who even replaced the master cylinder on the brakes of the old truck we were driving for ten bucks... ten bucks!!! and YES, we were driving completely without brakes for a little while... (the only way to take a daytrip back in time is to loose your breaks while coming down a hill into a small town and suddenly your back in the good ol' days, right? haha.) Of course we ran into a few UN-friendly characters as well, you know the type... they pull up with their beat up old truck looking like they haven't bathed in months, telling you if you step foot on their property they're gonna shoot ya! all the while semi-grinning with their tooth-less grins like they want to cook you up for dinner. Okay, wait. maybe that's just something that happens to us?... but ya know we really aren't out "lookin' for trouble" and in our defense the NO TRESPASSING signs were covered by tall weeds.... So let's just forget about that! We did actually pick up two of the three items we set out to purchase, we met several diverse interesting and quirky people along the way, people who will fill you up a paper bag with goodies from their garden, people who will help a stranger just because they want to, and people who keep a school bus full of toys in their backyard.... a little strange? absolutely. But all in all I found the simple life to be quite charming.... So here are a few pics we took along the way... and if you happened to meet us that day, shoot us an email, we have a bunch of pictures we would love for you to have:)

Photographers: Andi Watkins and Bryce Hunt